This page still needs fixing up,(as does the whole website) but it is here to hold links to three Mpg files of striping a horse drawn cart spoke, both forwards (normally), and backwards, shown for interest's sake.

Each file is about 6.5 meg, so will take a while on dial-up- sorry!

I hope you enjoy them!

The basic photos of the cart are way below- just scroll down this page to see them.

Download "Striping backwards" first Mpg movie file

Download "Striping backwards" second Mpg file

Download "Striping forwards on spoke" Mpg file

** new Download "Backward striping on a cart spring" Mpg (10.2 meg) (warning-10.2 meg- runs for 1 minute)

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Best wishes, Ian

P.S. The cart was already painted in a medium blue all over, before it came here- we did just the decoration.

This is the back (tailgate) of the cart, and a part the side: